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Does Cigar Size Matter?

Does Cigar Size Matter?

Cigar Babe: Does Size Matter?


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Awesome size

As in most situations, size does matter – but only depending on what you’re looking for. The size and shape of the cigar, the combo called vitola, determine the category it’s placed in.
First is its girth: The ring gauge is described in sixty-fourths of an inch.
Second is its length: This distance is measured in inches.

In effort not to put you to sleep, I’ll explain cigar sizes by which kind of man would smoke which size cigar.


The man who would smoke this 4.5-5.5 inch cigar with a ring size of 48-54 is the kind of man you would meet on vacation in Vancouver. His apartment is entirely modernized, and his hair is always gelled to perfection. He’s busy, so he doesn’t have time to sit around and smoke this cigar for three hours, because he always has somewhere to be, so it’s a quick smoke. He resembles his cigar having a shorter and wider stature. His cigar also provides more of a kick than would a slender, taller cigar.

Grand Robusto

The man who would smoke this 5.5 inch cigar with a ring size up to 60 is the thicker, richer older brother of the regular Robusto. He’s the kind of man who has more time on his hands than his thinner younger brother. He is more matured and can sit and smoke with you for hours. However, prior to his early retirement, he was accustomed to a more fast-paced life, so he can make you can make it through this cigar quickly too, if you’d like.


The man who would smoke this 5 ⅝ to 6 ⅝ inch with a ring size of 50-52 cigar is the older, taller cousin of the Robusto brothers. He’s the one who graduated top in his class from Princeton and always had the blond, perfect girlfriend who has worn J. Crew and Ann Taylor since she turned 16. He is classy, put-together and always appropriate. He is similar to his cousins in taste and manner but is much lengthier.


The man who would smoke this 6 ⅛ incher with a ring size of 52 is a powerhouse – as the name of his cigar of choice would entail. He works out constantly, and his diet consists of protein, more protein and beer.


The man who would smoke this 6 ¾ to 7 ¾ inch cigar with a ring size of 46-52 lives his life as the cigar aficionado Winston Churchill would, as this was his favorite size cigar. This man is smooth, lengthy and cool – just like his cigar choice.


The man who would smoke this 5 to 7 ½ inch cigar with a ring size of 34-38 likes his woman thin, tall and gorgeous. He’s a model enthusiast as well as a cigar man. He chose this cigar based on the long, thin elegance that he seeks in women. He’s a perfectionist who won’t settle for any less, and the only thing that lives up to his impossible standards are his beloved Panatelas. Out of sheer joy to find something so perfect, he smokes it hot and strong.