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The Art of Smoking Cigars

The Art of Smoking Cigars

Cigar Babe: Let’s Wrap This Up, Ladies


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Smoking a cigar isn’t just an activity: It’s an art form. The ritual of lighting up is a generational and fraternal bond, which us girls are rarely invited to join, mainly because of the misconception that we can’t hang, which is a stereotype I reinforced before I learned the ropes.

Because smoking is such a relaxing activity, this is not one where it’s adorable to have to be tended to: It’s just annoying. In the cigar lounge, it’s every person for themself.

To wrap it up, think of your favorite panties when cutting the cigars, your least favorite vegetable wrap when analyzing the anatomy of the cigar, and of course the upkeep when storing your cigar!

And if I did not stress this enough before, remember to never inhale. Smoke it like hookah and enjoy like it’s chocolate.

Now you know the basics of cigars, so go on and smoke as sensually as the girl with the gut, whilst wearing a shirt that actually fits you.

But if you want to wear a crop top, do you girl.