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Flavored Cigars for Men

Flavored Cigars for Men

Cigar Babe: Men and Flavored Cigars


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If you are into muscle men who live strictly on a diet of burgers and steak, run from a man who smokes a flavored cigar. This is not the man you want; however, it may be the one you need. A man who smokes a cherry jubilee cigar is one that will value your problems with your boss, feed on your every word about the fight with your sister, and most notably, he will actually see a difference in the black dress you wore last night to the one you wore two weeks ago: He is more astute and observant than the man who opts for an unflavored cigar.

This is not to say he is lesser than the man who likes his cigars bland, but he is perhaps the most open-minded. He is the man who doesn’t just order plain pancakes but banana pancakes. He is the man who doesn’t just recognize your best friends but knows them by name. He is the man you wish your man could be,just kidding. #Oldspice

Old spice man

You can really tell a lot by the flavored versus unflavored cigar smoker.

I asked two men in their mid-20s to answer some personal questions. One opts for flavored cigars, while the other for unflavored. They earn the same income, grew up in the same neighborhood, both have the same education – and most importantly, they both are gentlemen who love cigars and women.

Take in the personality differences between the two men to see whether you would a) want to date a man who smoked flavored/unflavored and b) more importantly, want to smoke unflavored or flavored yourself!

Samuelopts for unflavored cigars, while Johnny opts for flavored ones.

Where would you take a girl you’re crushing on to dinner?


“Ehh…I don’t know. I would take her to a movie first, but I would let her choose. We definitely wouldn’t see Fault in our Stars. We’d probably get dinner before somewhere near the theatre but also nice. I’d definitely have to pick up the check – somewhere good though but not trendy. I can’t handle the trendy.”


“We’d go to a restaurant on the beach for drinks and dinner. I’d absolutely pick her up. We would eat and drink and then go walking on the beach. I would make sure she’s comfortable, but I would also make sure to ask questions that put her out of her comfort zone.” (I thought this was odd so I asked why.) “I’d want to see if she’s funny, clever and willing to have a good time. I like a girl who is easygoing.”

What does your apartment look like?


“It’s really messy, honestly. It has a good space, but it’s not too big. There’s a decent living space, place to eat, place to relax and a bedroom. The bedroom’s clean, the kitchen’s cleaner, and the relaxing space is a lot messier. I have a lot of stuff I’ve had since college, like this Roman pillar I bought from a thrift store. I can’t give that thing up.”

NOTE: It is safe to assume that a “relaxing space” is a living room.


“It’s pretty modern – a little messy but not embarrassingly messy. The reason being that it can’t be so clean that you can’t feel welcome to kick your feet up: It’s welcoming. There are big windows and lots of light, a little bar in the corner, fireplace, well-stocked kitchen, two dogs (both big), high ceilings, a nice shower with like three showerheads, and a big comfy bed. The shower’s something I put money into.”

What do you look for in a woman?


“Stability—as in a job. I don’t want a gold digger. She’s got to have personality – humor’s major. I’m not looking to settle down yet but something semi-serious. If I enjoy their companyand don’t get sick of them, that’s the biggest thing for me. No ethnic preference or hair color matters to me.”

NOTE: When asked what semi-serious was, the explanation confused me even further. If you know what this means, email me.


“She must be clever, willing to have a good time, easygoing, attractive and, you know, all the clichés: funny, smart, can keep a conversation, thoughtful, passionate and dedicated to something. A good dancer would be nice too.”

What is the best look for a woman?


“Short shorts. I hate it when the pocket sticks out of the shorts though.Shorts, sandals and a tank top. Either that or yoga pants—something athletic. It’s mostly about the hair though. They have to have long hair.”


“I like tank tops. I like the L.A. look – like the cardigan. I don’t like a lot of makeup, long hair and a sundress.”

What is your relationship with your mother?

NOTE: Both men became squeamish when I asked this question.


“I talk to her occasionally – not as much as I would like. I’m not a mama’s boy. We fight a lot, but in the end, I do love her of course.”


“We are close, but you know, I don’t tell her literally everything. I tell her most things, but some things you don’t tell your mom. I love hanging out with her. I always go to her for advice, share funny stories. I call her when I just feel like talking to somebody.”

It should be known that I pretty much fell in love with Johnny after this interview. It should also be known that by no way are these two representative of the entire cigar-smoking male world. However, their answers incongruence does mean something.

It seem as if these two are polar opposites of each other, which comes down to their choice in cigar. Samuel answered each question without care for detail, while Jonny planned everything from describing the big windows that allow infinite light into his apartment to the location of the restaurant he would take you on a first date.

I’m not saying that one man is better than the other, because all men are great, just like all women are great: It all depends on what you value in a person and what you are looking for in your significant other.

You can tell more than you think about a man just by asking if he would consider smoking a flavored cigar or if the detail never even crossed his mind.

Just like men who smoke flavored cigars have a certain flare to them, ask yourself the same question when opting towards a flavored or unflavored cigar. Do you plan your outfits down to your jewelry, or do you throw on a tee shirt and hope for the best?

Choose the cigar that fits your lifestyle: It’s your hobby, you can do what you want.

Do what you want