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Our Tobacco

Paramount to the Custom Tobacco experience is the ability to make choices, so when developing our product offerings, we decided to partner with a range of tobacco providers in order to give our customers plenty of great choices when trying to find the perfect cigar at the best price point.

With budget customers in mind, Custom Tobacco has partnered with a factory in the Dominican Republic that has been making cigars for generations to make our own house blends. Our blends are offered as both short filler and long filler cigars, allowing our customers to find the best value for their private-labeled products.

Our interactive customization feature enables the customer to combine his or her favorite blend and wrapper to create the individual’s perfect smoking experience. Select from a wide variety of casings to both preserve and present your cigar. The cedar wrap encloses your cigar in a fine layer of cedar wood, whereas the gold paper wrap makes your order perfect for any special occasion.