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50th Birthday Party Ideas: Throw Dad the Best Birthday He's Ever Had

It?s your dad?s 50th birthday party and you don't know what to get him. You decide that for all of the grief you?ve given him over the years, all the times he bailed you out of difficult situations (or jail), you?re going to throw him the ultimate birthday bash. Where to start? Here are some ideas that should set that 50th birthday party in motion.

Food?- Start with the essentials and go from there. If you?re not serving?dinner, make a table of mini appetizers, snackable foods like cheese & crackers or nuts, and desserts. Try to?personalize it by adding some of dad?s favorites into the mix, or giving the classic dishes a funny, customized name that he and his friends will enjoy.

Booze?Now what?s a party without some booze? Especially when you?re trying to loosen up the old fogies. While you should certainly have a variety here, be sure to stock the essential toasting drink ? scotch. Like with the food display, you can also customize mixed drinks and give them personalized names that your guests will love

Cigars Even if your dad isn't the biggest smoker, what man doesn't enjoy a good puff on a special occasion? And turning 50 is certainly a special occasion. Pair the personalize cocktails with customized cigars to give guests a well-rounded experience around your theme.

Gift for Dad This could go one of two ways. Is dad a funny guy? Always messing with you and pulling pranks? Well this is your chance to put him in his place with an endless supply of ?your getting old? gifts. Some suggestions: fake teeth, reading glasses, a hearing aide. But what if dad is a classic guy? A straight shooter with not much of a sense of humor for the ?tasteless?? Maybe you want to steer clear of the gag gifts and get his a nice new watch, a bottle of scotch, or even one a box of those customized cigars you got for your guests.

-Goodie Bags Now that you?ve given your guests the pleasure of enjoying the party of the year, you want to send them off with something to remember it by. Include some of dad?s favorite items, maybe one or two of those gag gifts, and even throw in a customized cigar. Think of the goody bag as a ?party summary? so that your guests can take a piece of the party home with them.?