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Customized Golf Tournament Cigars

As complicated and difficult as golf's many rules are: it's required etiquette. From yelling “Fore!” and identifying one's own ball correctly, to avoiding each other's putting lines and repairing grass conditions during play, the game of golf demonstrates the strict need for regulation and uniformity. Adhering to these written and unwritten rules while hosting a golf tournament becomes not just important, but imperative. But that's not all. In order to capture the essence of the game entirely, tournament hosts must provide entrants with golf's bread and butter: customized cigars. While hosting a golf tournament, one has many options when customizing cigars and preparing them as gifts for competitors to smoke on the course. Personalized cigar bands can include desired colors, company logos, or tournament names. Another popular alternative is to find tournament sponsors to fund the cigar supply. The catch? Those sponsors market their own companies by customizing the cigar band with their own company logo or name. It's a win-win for everyone. And to seriously satisfy tournament entrants and create a more competitive environment, consider rewarding the winner with a package of his or her own customized cigars, designed however they please. You want your next tournament to see great success. By incorporating customized cigars, you'll turn your first annual tournament into a 50th annual tournament with ease!

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