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How to Smoke Like a Pro: A Quick Three Step Process

If you can remember when you were new to cigars, you must recall the feeling of being eager to light up and get the party started. However, as the aficionado you now are, you know that certain steps must always be taken in order to make the experience more enjoyable. For you newbies, take this advise from the pros and you?ll be sure to stand out amongst your colleagues ? and maybe even trick them into thinking you?re a pro

Cutting, lighting, and smoking are all part of the practice of smoking a cigar. Here are few tips, no pun intended, which will help you along the way to achieve that aficionado status:?

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1. The first step before getting a taste of that sweet tobacco is to cut your cigar tip. Feel free to use the cigar cutter of your choice. I personally love a V cut, which gives your cigar that cool shape and is more comfortable on the lips. The location of the cut determines where you will be smoking from , so you want to make sure you cut at the head of the cigar. And don?t take off too much! You certainly don't want to waste any of that valuable, smokable real estate!

2. Next, take a draw out of your cigar. Don?t light it up just yet; you first want to check the airflow and make sure it is smooth.? When you do this, you?re checking that you didn?t cut too small of a hole.

3. Toast it up!! Patience is the key here. You want to toast the end of your cigar. Place your cigar at 45-degree angle and gently roast your cigar, but make sure it doesn?t hit the tobacco or you will be saying goodbye to your wrapper. Rotate the cigar until it is fully lit. Some like to wait until the cigar looks like its ready to explode, even waiting for a burst of flame to pop out of the head of the cigar. Once lit, don?t inhale the cigar smoke into your lungs, rather circulate the smoke within your mouth and exhale.

Repeat and Enjoy!