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Are Cuban Cigars Really Better?

Cuban cigars are often touted as the finest cigars in the world. That?s because our Caribbean neighbor to the South has a rich history of cigar making, as well as some of the most ideal climate and soil conditions for premium tobacco farming. But are Cuban cigars really that much better than the rest? The answer is a little more complicated than ?si? or ?no.? The truth is, Cuban cigars generally sit on a top tier thanks to their high quality tobacco. But there are plenty of non-Cuban cigars that are just good--and some that are much better. Cuba is more of a standard by which cigars are rated than a level of excellence that can only be attained within its borders. As our own tobacco blends and wrappers from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Connecticut go to show, it?s not just about where tobacco is made, it?s about how the tobacco is treated from seed to leaf to humidor. There?s no reason why a cigar can?t be made well outside of Cuba. For one thing, many cigar makers from Cuba have migrated to other countries, crafting cigars of similar quality to those of their homeland. The same is true for tobacco. In addition, cuban seeds exported to other nations enable cigar makes to grow tobacco with that famous ?cuban flavor,? like Custom Tobacco's Briarmont Reserve. In other words, it doesn?t have to be Cuban to be as good as a Cuban. All of our tobacco blends are made with the same care and expertise that makes cuban cigars great.