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Best Cigars for Celebrating A Newborn Baby

July, August, and September are the most popular months to have a baby. Why? In all likelihood, it?s because people, ahem, cuddle up more during the winter months. Nine months later, they have a reason to light up a fine cigar. A Family Tradition Celebrating a newborn with a new cigar is an age-old American tradition. It?s believed that back in time, when births took place at home, a soon-to-be father would hang back in a separate room while the delivery took place with the mother and doctor in the bedroom. Even further back, certain Native Americans offered a primitive version of the cigar to tribespeople who recently gave birth. Today, the birth of a new life is still a fitting occasion to enjoy a cigar. You can sit back and relax after nine months of craziness, and toast to your new child with friends and family. cigars, cugar, cuba Summer Cigars With plenty of birthdays happening this summer--about 12,210 a day--you?re bound to have at least one occasion for lighting up. You?ll want to be ready with a cigar that complements the season, as well as one of the biggest events of a parent?s life. Churchill Maduro - Smoking a Churchill cigar with a hearty maduro wrapper will give you a complex flavor with a sweet underlying taste. Named after the famed Prime Minister of England, Churchill cigars are big, beefy, and full of character. The larger sizer will give you a long, drawn out smoke that?s perfect for passing around the room. A Variety of Torpedo Cigars - A somewhat smaller smoke than the Churchill, the torpedo still packs heat, giving you an hour and a half long smoke. Its iconic head emphasizes the strength of a cigar?s blend, so smoking torpedoes of different strengths will give you surprisingly different experiences. That dynamic quality can come in handy when catering to a party of smokers with varying tastes. Bring a whole gift basket to the baby shower! Robusto Habano - A smaller cigar that better suits the modern pace, the robusto will give you a briefer smoking experience without sacrificing rich flavors. The habano wrapper will make for a short but spicy smoke that will complement the season?s warm weather nicely. Having a baby this summer? Looking for a baby shower gift for a new mom or dad? You can design your own summer cigar with our custom cigar platform.