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Cigar Etiquette: The Ultimate No-B.S. Guide

Didn?t realize there was proper etiquette to smoking cigars? Allow us to enlighten you. Think about it - if you have a personal taste fancy enough to get cigars customized by Custom Tobacco, it is vital to maintain an etiquette to go with it to complete your unique personality. These are the main points to keep in mind when you begin following the cigar etiquette: What does R-E-S-P-E-C-T spell? That?s right. Ask for permission. Would you and your cigars be appreciated where you are choosing to smoke and whom it would be around? If so, we hope you brought extra. If not, understand and respect those around you. No means no. Be aware of how you?re holding it. An article published on Stogie Fresh states, that you should be holding your cigar between your thumb and your index finger. It is not a pointing device to be used towards anything or anyone. Be mindful of how you hold your beloved. Do NOT chain smoke cigars. Just don?t. Cigars are obviously more expensive than cigarettes and when you customize them on top of that for your favorite group of people, there is an added expense. The most ludicrous thing to do is to use most or all of your set of cigars up in one day. Instead, do it in doses. Keep yourself decently clean. Clothing and breath that smell like cigar smoke is not always attractive. Smelling and looking decently clean gives off a much better vibe. Take this tip: always carry mints with you when you are going to smoke. Pop one in right after you puff away and the people around you won't even know you just enjoyed a cigar! Be careful with cigars, they are not toys. You are not a teenager going to high school, so don?t act like one. There are many other ways to prank your friends, do tricks with objects rolling or flipping between your fingers, and do not try to imitate Clint Eastwood from Spaghetti Westerns - be smarter than that. This is real life and there are consequences to your actions. The serious and important part is now over! So, go ahead and get ready for your upcoming get-togethers and celebrations by getting cigars customized for you and your friends, in any way you want them to be from Custom Tobacco!