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Cigars and Politics: How Cigars Could Fight Terrorism

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You're a smart individual. Obviously you're smart because you're reading this article. Surely you've remained up to date with all of the news circulating. You've probably read about the bombing in Manchester and the meeting between former President Obama and Prince Harry, which shortly followed the bombing. So what do cigars have to do with this? Cigars, customize, Custom, Tobacco, cigar size, smoke, smoking, smokers, politics, Manchester You may have already known this, but President Obama is an avid cigar smoker. That makes sense right? He plays golf, and most?golf players, professional and amateur, smoke cigars. Would it be a surprise if President Obama and Prince Harry shared a smoking experience together? cigars, politics, custom tobacco, Manchester, benefit concert

Manchester Bombing

If you haven't read about the Manchester bombing in depth, then you've probably heard about it, at least. It's all over the news; TV, radio, Twitter, Instagram. It's pretty hard to miss. If you didn't hear about the bombing, then you must've heard about the One Love Manchester benefit concert that followed. A roster of A-list performers gathered to raise $13 million for the victims and their families. news, cigars, custom, customized, custom tobacco, tobacco, Manchester, benefit concert Being that this act of terrorism occurred at an Ariana Grande concert, Grande's manager addressed the issue head on. When Grande's manager, Scooter Braun, addressed the bombing on Twitter, he stated a slue of catchy slogans that should be incorporated around the fight against terrorism. "Fear Cannot Rule The Day" was one of the catchy phrases that Braun incorporated in his tweets. What a great slogan. Since terrorism (1) is so prevalent, and (2) comes in many different forms, this slogan can be used to fight all forms of terrorism. So, how do cigars pertain to the Manchester bombing and the meeting at Kensington Palace? Also, how can cigars fight terrorism? You're right, it's a bold statement. But here's how cigars can combat terrorism.

"Fear Cannot Rule The Day"

Former President Obama visited Prince Harry to address a number of things. Conservation, empowering youth, and mental health issues were among the many topics that were discussed at the palace. Being the cigar connoisseur that former President Obama is, how much sense would it have made for him to take a box of cigars with him? A lot. Sure you can find a cigar almost anywhere, but this doesn't mean that you'll be able to find the right cigar for the right occasion. Mr. Obama and Scooter Braun could have collaborated and customized a cigar band for the meeting at Kensington Palace. Braun could have gotten the slogan "Fear Cannot Rule The Day" written across the cigar bands. Once Braun had received the cigars, he could have asked Mr. Obama to take a few cigars with him on his trip to Kensington. During their meeting, the former president and the prince could have shared a drag in commemoration of the victims. cigars, cigar band, cigar blend, cigar size, custom, customize, custom cigars, custom tobacco,

One Love, One Cigar

The One Love Manchester benefit concert that Ariana Grande hosted following the bombing was a huge success. Millions of dollars were raised to aid the families of the victims. In addition to boosting awareness surrounding terrorism by sending Mr. Obama to Kensington with customized "Fear Cannot Rule The Day" cigars, these cigars could have been distributed to concert goers. This would have been the perfect idea. Vendors could have sold the?cigars in order to raise more money. Or, vendors could have passed the cigars out to concert goers for free as a means to spread awareness. Terrorism is a very serious issue, and fear truly cannot rule the day. Cigars will not end terrorism, but maybe they could combat the issue. The truth is, there has been no solution to this problem thus far. Maybe cigars can act as a cog in the wheel of the bigger initiative to end worldwide terrorism. Simply spreading awareness can go a great?distance.

Custom Tobacco Cigars

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