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Father-Son Bonding with Custom Cigars this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. It?s that time of the year again! The leaves are turning maple red and olive brown; the chilly wind is rusting the antique bell chimes on house doors; and the sweet scent of freshly roasted turkey is wafting through the air. Just imagine biting into the first piece of succulent turkey, topped with luscious purple-red cranberry sauce, sided with some steaming mashed potatoes and gravy. Your family and friends are all gathered around your house, enjoying each other?s company, laughing about old, awkward situations. The party is going fantastically, but there?s something missing: some good old-fashioned father-son bonding. What better way to tie that bond than with luxury custom tobacco cigars. The sons ? the young adults ? treat their pops to a custom cigar with a specialized band that means something to both of them. All the fathers and their boys step outside into the backyard, light up their stogies, and relax to the sound of nature, family company, and to the sweet smell of juicy turkey. This weekend is the time to give thanks. Give thanks to your old man by gifting him something personal and something both of you can enjoy. Give him a customized cigar. It will make both of your Thanksgiving. Happy Turkey Day!