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A Guide to a Vacation at Home

In this hectic day and age, it can be hard to get away from the hustle and the bustle. In a capitalist society, all we do is, in Rihanna?s words, ?work, work, work, work, work, work.? Even if you?re not a workaholic, taking a vacation can get expensive. You need to choose a destination, book flight tickets and find a hotel. The whole thing can actually be pretty exhausting, especially if you?re not much of a planner person. What?s one to do then when one wants to get away for a while without all the hassle? Here?s the perfect solution ? have a mini vacation right at home.
  1. Drink a Corona with a lime wedge.
Want to feel the buzz of Mexico without paying for a flight? Crack open a cold one and stick a lime wedge in it for just the right amount of citrus kick. Round it out with a plate of nice, hot tacos. beer, corona, lime
  1. Smoke a cigar.
Craving the taste of a Cuban cigar but can?t get around the embargo? Have the next best thing and buy a Briarmont Reserve cigar from Custom Tobacco. The tobacco leaves are grown from a Cuban seed so the cigar imparts a flavor and texture similar to that of a Cuban Partagas cigar.
  1. Have a spa day.
Fill up your bathtub and drop in a bath bomb or bath salts. Light some candles and keep a book and a cup of wine nearby for entertainment as you soak. Play some soothing music and feel the years of stress melt off your back. bath, bathtub, spa
  1. Wade in a kiddy pool.
If you can?t make it to the beach, that doesn?t mean all hope is lost. Inflate a kiddy pool in your yard to wade in as the sun beats down on you. Bonus: you don?t have little kids running around everywhere since you?re on your own private property.
  1. Crank up the heat and play some reggae.
If the power bill isn?t an issue for you, crank up the thermometer to simulate the hot climate of Jamaica. Play some chill reggae and lose yourself in the music. If you?re serious about enhancing the experience, scatter sand around your dwelling to emulate the beach.