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How to Throw an Epic Cigar-Centric Memorial Day Party for Smokers and Non-Smokers

We may be stuck in that rut of Spring showers and pre-June gloom, but it always seems to clear up by Memorial Day ? just in time for you to throw your annual epic party. Whether your guests are seasoned cigar smokers or novices, we have some tips on how to throw a party for all types of guests. This year, don?t wait until the last minute to do the planning. Let us help you prepare in advance and this Memorial Day will be the most epic of them all! Food and Drinks BBQ. BBQ. BBQ. Need we say more? It?s Memorial Day, for goodness sake! When it comes to snacks, think about serving things that are easy to grab, won?t fill up your guests too much before the BBQ, and go well cigars for the post-BBQ smoke ? because snacks are for after, too! We suggest chips and dip, pretzels, crudit?s, and chocolate, which goes great with a Maduro cigar. You should approach your bar set up in the same way as you approach your snack table. Yes, everyone loves an ice cold beer with their BBQ, but some of your guests may want to pair a whiskey-based drink with their after-dinner cigar, as well. Your best best is setting up a variety. Beers, some hard alcohol (specifically alcohol that pairs well with cigars!), juices, soda, and water. Don?t forget the water! Cigar Bar cigar pack, cigars, cigar origin As cigar lover, you know that nothing compliments an outdoor party quite like puffing on your favorite cigar. While intuitively, you may want to give all of your guests your favorite cigar, when throwing a party, you need to think about the crowd. Most likely you will have a few novice smokers so you?re best bet is to provide a variety of cigars for your guests varying taste buds and experience levels. For the majority of the cigar bar?s display, we suggest bulking it up with a light to mild cigar, since these will likely appeal to the majority of the crowd, whether they?re newbies or experienced smokers. Custom Tobacco?s Briarmont Classic Connecticut, for example, would be perfect for the bulk of the set up. Next, you want to include some darker cigars for those who like the deep chocolately flavor. For this we suggest the Briarmont Maduro. Like any experienced party-thrower knows, one of the key components to perfecting your party is visuals. This doesn?t stop at your cigar bar. Throw in some interesting looking cigars (if you?re ordering from us, try the Briarmont Double Wraps). These cigars are not only eye-catching, but they also taste great! A good double wrap will give you the perfectly mild blend between a Connecticut and a Maduro. Lastly, you can always expect to have a few aficionados at your party ? or at least people who claim to be! Be prepared for some super strong cigars to appeal to these pros. The Briarmont Reserve, a Cuban-seed cigar grown in Nicaragua, would do the job perfectly and would complement the rest of your set-up.