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Irish Contri-booze-tions: Five Drinks to Pair with Your Cigar on St. Patty`s Day

It?s that time of year again. One of our favorite holidays is upon us and it?s no wonder why we love it so much. Saint Patrick?s day is all about celebrating one of the greatest countries in the world ? Ireland, of course ? and one of the best contributions they?ve made to the world ? alcoholic beverages! Now, now, we're only kidding. We know the Irish have made many more notable contributions (ie: the submarine, color photography, and milk chocolate), but who can really argue with the fact that Guinness, Jameson, and Bushmills are among their greatest gifts??

Here are 4 Irish drinks, for every type of drinker, and their cigar counterparts to pair with your Saint Patty?s Day cigar. Or every day. We don?t judge.

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Guinness - Pair with a dark, Maduro cigar (try our Briarmont Maduro)

Okay, okay. We know this isn?t a cocktail, but how could we not mention it? Plus, not everyone enjoys cocktails. So this is for you, devout beer drinkers! This dry stout is made in a similar way to coffee, so it has a strong, bold, yet smooth flavor. For those looking for something a little bit lighter, try the Guinness Blonde.

Angry Irishman - Pair with a medium-bodied cigar (try our Briarmont Double Wrap)

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to keep it. Mix 2 ounces of Bailey?s Irish Cream with 2 ounces of your favorite Irish Whiskey and throw it on the rocks. Nothing to be angry about here!

Irish Coffee - For a light kick, pair with a light cigar (try our Briarmont Classic). For a strong smoke and a big caffein high, pair with something stronger (try our Briarmont Reserve)

Bring on the caffein! That sweet, spicy, smokey flavor of the Jameson mixed with coffee, cream and sugar. You can?t go wrong here. This drink is one of our favorites, and is definitely a good one to pair with a cigar. Whiskey + Caffein + Cigar = The Ultimate St. Patty?s Day chill.?

Irish Whiskey - Pair with a medium-bodied cigar (try our Briarmont Double Wrap)

The Irish are definitely known for their whiskeys, a contribution us cigar-smokers can certainly appreciate. This Saint Patty?s day, take a swig of one (or more) of our favorite Irish whiskey?s; try Bushmills, Jameson, Tullamore Dew, Paddy, Powers.

Irish Tea Party - Pair with a complex cigar (try our Briarmont Limited)

For the tea lovers out there (you exist, don't you?!), mix Irish Whiskey, Absinthe (yes, we said Absinthe - don't add too much!) and sweetened green tea. This is a sweet cocktail, that?s sure to get you messed up. But the green tea will make you feel better, right?

**Take caution when drinking alcohol and always drink responsibly!