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Laws on Tobacco by State: What to Know Before Traveling

Back in the day, you could buy and consume tobacco products once you were 18 years old. Thanks to recent campaigns from Tobacco 21 and other anti-smoking organizations, some states now require you to be 21 to smoke. Furthermore, the laws on where you can smoke vary even more. So, if you're planning on traveling between states at any point in your life, you need to know what the smoking laws are in each state.?cigar laws, cigar, smoking, tobacco, tobacco laws, tobacco products,

Laws by State


mobile, alabama, state, ocean, cityscape,   Age: 19 Where: No public places,?but restaurants and businesses can choose whether or not to allow it. Fines: $25


alaska northern lights, northern lights, united states, states, state, us state, snow, mountains, cold, cold night, lights, north,   Age:?19 Where:?Prohibited indoors Fines:?$10-$50  


antelope canyon, canyon, desert, grand canyon, arizona canyon, orange, sand, state, us state, united states, Age:?18, except in Cottonwood where it's 21 Where:?Not allowed in public places or workplaces Fines:?$100-$500 Unfortunately, Arizona has one of the highest tobacco taxes as a state. Therefore, you probably want to bring your own cigar from home. Perhaps a custom cigar?with "Arizona" printed on the label? Arizona permits tobacco use for persons 18 years and older.


arkansas, little rock arkansas, state, us state, south, southern state, southern, rock, little, bridge, water, river, the south   Age:?18, except for Helena-West Helena where it's 21 Where:?Prohibited indoors, workplaces, and vehicles occupied by a child of 14 or younger. you can smoke in 21+ bars/restaurants Fines:?$100-$500    


golden gate, golden gate bridge, bridge, red bridge, san francisco, california state, california   Age:?21 Where:?70 cities have banned smoking everywhere but in private residences/cars. Otherwise, you cannot smoke indoors or in workplaces Fines:?$100 max first offense, $200 second, and $500 third


telluride, snow, mountains, cabins, mountain, snowboard, ski, winter, winter sports, state, us state, dusk   Age:?18 Where:?Prohibited indoors, including entryways Fines:?<$200


connecticut, state, us state, yale, university, campus, bell tower   Age:?18 Where:?Prohibited in workplaces with at least 5 employees, and in government, medical, and food retail buildings Fines: No set limit


lighthouse, delaware state, state, us state, water, body of water   Age:?18 Where:?Prohibited indoors unless otherwise designated?? Fines:?<$100  


miami, florida, panorama, ocean, city, cityscape, water Age:?18 Where:?Prohibited in all public places and within 1000 feet of a school/childcare facility unless otherwise noted? Fines:?No set amount


georgia, atlanta, southern cities, southern state, the south, skyline, city, cityscape, night, night skyline,   Age:?18 Where:?Prohibited in enclosed public areas? Fines:?$100-$500


island, islands, island life, ocean, mountains, green, greenery, nature,   Age:?21 Where:?Prohibited in enclosed or semi-enclosed public spaces? Fines:?<$50  


idaho state, river, grass, us state, state,   Age:?18 Where:?No smoking in public places including elevators and buses unless otherwise noted Fines:?No set limit?


chicago illinois, illinois, state, us state, skyscrapers, skyscraper, skyline, city, cityscape, lake, lake michigan   Age:?18 except in Chicago, Evanston, Highland Park, Oak Park, and Naperville where it is 21 Where:?Banned in public and within 15 feet of a building's entrance Fines:?$100 for the first offense, $250 for every repeated incident


indiana, indiana city, city, midwest, state, us state, midwest state, midwestern state   Age:?18 Where:?Banned indoors including within 8 feet of an entrance. This does not apply to bars and casinos? Fines:?<$1000


air balloons, iowa state, midwest, midwest state, states, state, us state, air balloons, air balloon, balloon field, air balloon field, sunset, field   Age:?18 Where:?Prohibited in public areas including outdoor arenas and theaters Fines:?<$500


In 1989, Kansas raised the buying age from 16 to 18, where it remained ever since. Kansas statutes prohibit smoking in any public place except for designated smoking areas. Anyone caught smoking in a non-designated area will?receive a tobacco infraction with fines of up to $100. kansas, missouri, city, cityscape, skyline


The Kentucky State Committee just threw out a bill to raise the smoking age to 21, so 18 year olds can still buy tobacco products. Otherwise, there are very few smoking laws in Kentucky. Unlike most states, Kentucky does not have a Clean Air Act, so the state is a fairly safe space for smokers. kentucky, bourbon, kentucky bourbon, river, bridge, dusk, fog, kentucky whiskey, whiskey


The law requires you to be 18 to buy tobacco products in Louisiana. All workplaces and restaurants in the state are smoke free. New Orleans does have a smoke-free ordinance which prohibits smoking indoors, in Lafayette Square, sports arenas, parks, and workplaces. You can smoke on Bourbon street, in any tobacco bar or retailer, or any other designated public smoking area. nola, new orleans, louisiana, state, us state, city, parade, fat tuesday, mask,


Portland, Maine requires tobacco buyers to be 21, but anyone 18 and up can smoke tobacco because the rest of the state only requires you to be 18 to purchase.?You cannot smoke in the following areas: schools, hospitals, indoor public spaces, outdoor eating areas, and vehicles used to transport children under 16. Violation of these laws can cost up to $100.?maine state, us state, state, ocean, trees, water, coast


In order to smoke in Maryland, you must be 18 years or older. The state prohibits smoking indoors and in government owned means of mass transportation, such as buses or trains. Like most states, you can still smoke in a tobacco retailer as well as any building that manufactures or produces tobacco products. Luckily, if you happen to smoke where you're not supposed to, the first violation results in a warning and the second a $100 fine. maryland, cityscape, city, good morning baltimore, md, state, us state, coastal state, eastern state, eastern us,


While the state of Massachusetts only requires a person to be 18 in order to smoke, over 100 cities have raised the buying age to 21. Smoking is prohibited in every public indoor space including public transportation. It is permitted in private spaces and by performers onstage when part of the performance. Violation of these regulations results in a fine of up to $100. massachusetts, boston massachusetts, boston mass, state, us state, old ship, ocean, skyline, cityscape, city


Ann Arbor, Michigan raised the smoking age to 21 but the rest of the state still allows 18 year olds to buy. You also cannot smoke within 50 feet of the University of Michigan campus, which is mixed into the city. However, smoking is decriminalized in Ann Arbor, so whether you're smoking tobacco or marijuana, getting caught will only mean?a $25 fine. The rest of the state banned?smoking in any indoor public space or public meeting area except for designated smoking areas. These fines cost no more than $100 for the first offense and $500 for the second. lighthouse, lake, great lake, huron, michigan, michigan lake, pure michigan, life at the lake, midwest state, the mitten, lower peninsula, upper peninsula, state, midwest state, midwestern state, mich, umich


You must be 18 or older to buy in Minnesota. The state restricts smoking in public places, workplaces, public transportation, and public meeting places. You can smoke outdoors, though. The law has not set specific fine amounts for infractions. minnesota, falls, hiking, midwest, midwestern state, minn, trees


Mississippi restricts tobacco products to users of 18 years or older. The state low only prohibits smoking in government buildings and classrooms. However, local laws can restrict smoking further. There is also no set fine amount for violation of these laws. mississippi state, southern state, us state, state, bridge, sunset, trees, water


18 year olds can buy tobacco in Missouri but you cannot smoke in public places or meeting areas. However, designated smoking areas can be set by anyone in control of a space such as a renter or landlord. Performers may also smoke indoors when part of a performance. The first infraction costs up to $200. kansas city, missouri, city, cityscape, skyline, us state, state


The law states only persons 18 and up can smoke cigarettes and cigars, ?but there is no law concerning minors and e-cigarettes. You may not smoke in any enclosed public space or public transportation. This rule does not apply to bars. Initial fines run between $25 and $100. montana, mountains, lake, state, us state, sunset


Anyone 18 years or older can buy tobacco in Nebraska. The laws restrict smoking in enclosed indoor areas and indoor public areas. This covers all bars except for cigar bars that do not sell food. Violations count as a Class C infraction, resulting in a maximum $100 fine. barn, rustic, field, red barn, old barn, us state, state


Like most states, Nevada requires a person to be 18 in order to buy tobacco. Nevada bans smoking in most public places. The exceptions include bars, strip clubs, casinos, tobacco retailers, and brothels. Penalties in Nevada are stricter than most states. They include up to a $1000 fine and/or up to 6 months in prison. The offender is also liable for up to $100 per infraction in civil court. las vegas, nevada, las vegas nevada, vegas, vegas sign, vegas nevada, us state, desert, state

New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, a minor can possess and smoke tobacco if in a house or accompanied by a 21 year old guardian. Otherwise, the buying age is still 18. However, you may not smoke in public spaces or workplaces with over four employees. Cigar retailers and privately owned buildings populated by social club members permit smoking. campus, state, us state, dim lights, dusk

New Jersey

Unlike most states, you must be 19 years old to buy tobacco in the state of New Jersey. New Jersey also prohibits smoking in public places, schools, and workplaces. Public places excludes tobacco retailers and casinos. A first offense costs up to $250. new jersey, jersey city, beach, pier, boardwalk, shores, shore, jersey shore, jersey, state, us state

New Mexico

The state of New Mexico allows 18 year olds to buy tobacco products. It does not allow smoking indoors or in public transportation. However, Native American spaces such as reservations do not apply to New Mexico's smoking laws. The restrictions also do not apply to casinos, private clubs, and designated outdoor smoking areas. Fines cannot exceed $100 for a first violation. mesa, desert, new mexico, state, us state, desert state

New York

Like New Hampshire, a minor can smoke if accompanied by a legal guardian over 21 years old. The legal buying age is also 18 in New York. New York's Clean Indoor Air Act prohibits smoking in any workplace, including restaurants and bars. Smoking is permitted in cigar bars from before December, 2002, volunteer only workplaces, and restaurants with designated smoking outdoor seating. Enforcement officers can give a penalty of $1000 for each violation. brooklyn, bridge, new york, new york city, new york state, us state, state, hudson, hudson river, river, city, skyline, skyscrapers, skyscraper, reflection, dusk, nighttime, lights

North Carolina

North Carolina allows anyone 18 and over to buy tobacco. The state has a complete smoking ban on some state-run buildings such as the library and schools, but many have designated smoking areas in 20% of the building. Fines cannot exceed $25. north carolina, lighthouse, outer banks, carolina, carolinas, state, us state, coastal state, coast,

North Dakota

North Dakota permits anyone 18 and up to purchase tobacco. Smoking is prohibited in any workplace and public space and within 20 feet of building entrances. Yet, outdoor areas which are inaccessible to the public and designated smoking areas permit smoking. Infraction fines cannot go over $50. north dakota, badlands, national park, badlands park, lakota, native american tribe, lakota tribe, state, us state, park, ridges, desert


Most of Ohio allows 18 year old to buy tobacco. However, Columbus, Cleveland, New Albany, Grandview Heights, Bexley, and Upper Arlington have raised the buying age to 21. Ohio has an indoor smoking ban with very few exceptions like some tobacco retailers and outdoor patios. A first violation results in a warning letter before fines. ohio, columbus ohio, buckeyes, worst state in the world, the worst state, ohio state, the ohio state university, cityscape, skyline, river, everybody hates ohio


Despite many bills to raise the buying age to 21, Oklahoma remains an 18 and up state. The law restricts a lighted tobacco product (e-cigarettes don't apply) from any indoor workplace. This ban includes areas within 25 feet from the entrance as well as public transportation vehicles. The state does allow smoking in stand-alone bars, taverns, and cigar bars. Depending on where the infraction occurs, fines can cost $50 for the first infraction. oklahoma, city, memorial, southern, the south, southern state, us state, state, ok, okie,


Oregon recently raised the buying age to 21, including any product associated with tobacco use such as pipes and rolling paper. Smoking any form of tobacco is prohibited in any public place that is not designated for smoking. Violations cost up to $50. oregon, oregon mountain, volcano, us state, state, western state, the west, mountains, nature


Pennsylvania still allows 18 year olds to smoke. Although, smoking in public places is not allowed, exceptions are tobacco manufacturers and retailers as well as events promoting tobacco. Aside from theaters and stadiums, outside areas are not included in the ban. Fines range from $250 to $1000. wrightsville, colonial america, america, penn, state, us state, colony, colonial state, colonial

Rhode Island

Despite legislators pushing to raise the smoking age to 21, Rhode Island remains an 18 and up state. The state does not allow smoking in any public place, except for tobacco retailers and private rooms. Penalties cost up to $250 for the first violation. lighthouse, island, coast, coastal life, blue sky, us state, state, states, east, the east, eastern coast,

South Carolina

South Carolina also permits 18 year olds to buy tobacco. Smoking is not permitted in any indoor public area. Designate smoking areas are allowed in any location except for schools, elevators, public transportation vehicles, and healthcare facilities. Fines cost between $10 and $25. south carolina, southern state, state, us state, bridges, cityscape

South Dakota

The buying age for South Dakota remains at 18 years old. You cannot smoke in any enclosed, indoor public place or workplaces. This includes restaurants, bars, and casinos. The only businesses excluded from the ban are tobacco retailers. national park, us park, park, mountain, carved mountain, south dakota, dakotas, us state, us history, state


Like most states, 18 year olds can smoke in Tennessee. Tennessee primarily restricts smoking from enclosed public areas. The main exceptions are age-restricted areas, tobacco retailers, and tobacco manufacturers. There must be signs labeling where you cannot smoke. Fines cannot exceed $500. tennessee, nashville tennessee, cityscape, city, skyline, nashville skyline, southern state, the south, us state, state


The Texas smoking age is 18. Texas has one of the more relaxed laws, only banning smoking in schools, elevators, public transportation, movie theaters, libraries, museums, and hospitals. Fines cannot exceed $500. texas, big bend national park, rio grande, big bend, national park, river, southern state, the south, us state, state


The state allows 18 year olds to buy tobacco. Utah generally prohibits smoking in public places. You can smoke in private rooms or places primarily inaccessible to the public. Penalties cost up to $100 for the first violation. delicate arch, park, utah park, us state, state


Vermont recently rejected a bill to raise the smoking age from 18 to 21. The state bans smoking in any common area of an indoor public place. All indoor workplaces are smoke-free, regardless of whether or not they are common areas. Penalties can run up to $10,000 in civil court. vermont, vermont nature, snow, vermont snow, us state, bernie state, berniecrat, bernie bro, state


The state permits 18 year olds to smoke tobacco. The law only bans smoking in enclosed elevators, schools, health facilities, public restrooms, and indoor cashier lines. While a tobacco retailer permits smoking everywhere, anywhere else can have a designated smoking area. Fines can cost up to $25. virginia, colonial house, colonial virginia, colonial state, jefferson, jefferson's house, house, us state, state, founding fathers, founding father, early america, the birth of the nation


The smoking laws in Washington allow 18 year olds to buy tobacco. Although, the state has the strictest smoking ban in the country, prohibiting smoking in all indoor areas and vehicles for the public. This includes areas within 25 feet of a building's entrance. There are no exceptions to these laws. The state also does not define a boundary for fines. seattle skyline, washington, washington state, western state, the west, us state, state

West Virginia

The law permits anyone 18 or older to buy tobacco in West Virginia. Furthermore, the state has some of the more liberal smoking laws in the country. No statewide smoking ban exists in West Virginia. Aside from schools and areas with explosives, you can smoke anywhere without a "No Smoking" sign. Fines run between $20 and $100. sunrise, river, nature, virginias, us state, state


Like most states, Wisconsin allows 18 year olds to smoke tobacco. All indoor workplaces in Wisconsin do not allow smoking, including restaurants and bars. Wisconsin is also the first state to make 100% of hotels and motels smoke free. The only exception to the smoking ban are tobacco retailers. dairy farm, farm, barn, midwest, midwestern state, cheese, wisconsin cheese, state, us state


Wyoming only has one law regarding smoking: the buying age. In Wyoming, you must be 18 to buy and smoke tobacco products. Otherwise, there is no clean air act restricting smoking areas. wyoming, national park, grand teton national park, park, jackson lake, lake, wyoming state, us state, state