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The Perfect Graduation Gift: What's The Best Gift For The Grad In Your Life?

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Graduation day is thrilling. It can be nerve wracking and exciting. Over the weekend, the UC schools had their graduation ceremonies. The UC Santa Cruz ceremony was nice, well put together, and best of all short. There is nothing more annoying than a graduation ceremony that is drawn out longer than it needs to be. At the graduation ceremony, family and friends were giving their UC Santa Cruz graduates leis made of flowers and money, alumni coffee mugs, and of course flowers. There was one family that stood out in the crowd, however. This particular family gifted their graduate with the most unique gift ever. The family presented their graduate with a few customized cigars from Custom Tobacco. The cigar bands were customized with a message, congratulating the graduate. What a great idea. Just recently, the Veloz Group published an article about high schools that distribute cigars to their graduating seniors. These are private schools that can get away with a lot more than public high schools. But, has anyone thought to gift cigars to a college graduate? This particular family thought it would be the perfect graduation gift. They were right.

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Custom Tobacco offers a variety of cigar sizes and flavors. No matter what type of smoker you're buying cigars for, there is something for them at Custom Tobacco. In addition to choosing what flavor and size best fits the cigar connoisseurs in your life, you can also customize the band. As graduation season is wrapping up, think about the best gift you can get your graduate. Money is always nice, but be real, they will most likely spend that on beer. Jewelry is nice, but they probably won't wear it unless they are around you. Nothing shows that you put thought into a gift more than customized cigars. Tell that special graduate that you thought enough of them to write out a special message. Customized cigars shows that person just how special they really are to you. Tell them you love them. Tell them you're proud of them. A nice "Congratulations" typed out across a cigar band will have the graduate in your life beaming. Visit Custom Tobacco at customize the perfect gift for the perfect grad in your life. Custom Tobacco offers cigars made of the finest wraps and ingredients, which makes them the best gift to give anyone who enjoys a good cigar. Since graduation season is almost over, don't wait any longer to customize your cigars.