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These Puns are a Gift to Mankind

Puns are one of the greatest gifts to man. Yes, that statement is completely serious. Some puns rely on words that look or sound similar. Others use a word that is spelled one way but has multiple meanings. There are puns that involve rhyming words, taking on some traits of poetry. But no matter what kind of magical wordplay they invoke, all puns are wonderful. They are like a holiday to be celebrated. The world is filled with fantastic puns, but here are a few winsome standouts. Angry Fish This one is an oft-repeated classic. The joke goes like this: two fish are swimming through a river. Suddenly, they come across a huge wall, blocking their path. One fish then turns to the other fish and exclaims, ?Dam!? It?s simple yet clever, and funny enough to earn a prize for memorability. See Sweet Cigars Multiple retailers sell sticks of chocolate modeled after cigars, but See?s Candies are gifted with a unique opportunity thanks to their name. Instead of promoting chocolate cigars, they get to flaunt their chocolate ?Seegars?. Isn?t that sweet? Of course, if you?re interested in the real thing, there is no better place to buy cigars than Custom Tobacco. This cool website will allow you to customize your own cigars. You?ll get to select traits like size, wrapper, blend, all to your own tastes. And if you happen to like your cigars sweet ? as in, really sweet ? well then, Custom Tobacco actually has chocolate cigars to go with your real ones too. chocolate, gift, valentine, present, puns, sweet Whale you be my Valentine? And a positive answer would be, ?Dolphin-itely!? This pun has many fans, from people who love wordplay to people who love to add a touch of marine life to brighten up their special holidays. This particular set of quotes is geared toward Valentine?s Day, but it?s not hard to imagine variations for other events such as birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries. It also has a special claim to fame because it was once tweeted by the singer of Owl City. In fact, Owl City is a huge proponent of puns. Any pun lover will be pleased to find a vast wonderland of puns blanketing the lyrics of Owl City songs. ?I would make like a tree and leave?, a lyric from the song ?Honey and the Bee?, is an especially famed example. Pungeon Master Get it? Because it sounds like Dungeon Master? The word ?pun? rhymes with the first syllable of ?dungeon?, making it easy to swap out the first letter in favor of a slightly changed new term. The resulting word evokes the cool aura of a skilled dungeon master, but applies this expertise to the world of crafting puns instead. Isn?t it amazing how humans can slightly corrupt old words in order to invent new ones? Language is constantly evolving! Creativity is awesome!