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Six Ways to Bring Cigars Into Your Thanksgiving Festivities

For some, Thanksgiving is a break from work, a four day vacation and a reason to let loose from the daily working life. For others it can be all about Football. The Cowboys and Lions keeping up with tradition and hosting their annual Thanksgiving Day game. However, most of us are celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family while we gather around the table and give thanks and feast on our delicious turkey and cranberry sauce. But if you?re a cigar connoisseur or a just a once in a while smoker, Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to mix your love of Cigars with the Ultimate American Holiday.

1. Don?t?Smoke Alone

Momma always told us to share when we were kids. So why break the tradition now? Thanksgiving is all about family and friends, so don?t be the only one lighting up at the party. Make sure your bring plenty of cigars for everyone to enjoy, making it the spark of the party.

2. Did you know?

Cigars weren?t part of our culture until Thanksgiving! The Native Americans were the first to introduce the Europeans to Tobacco. So when your give your thanks, make sure you include your Native American friends and placing Native American figures by the humidor.? They have experience keeping the tobacco fresh.

3. Who?s doing the Cooking?

Prepping a Turkey can take hours if not days for some, so instead of wasting all your time prepping. One easy trick is to deep fry your turkey instead leaving you more time for hanging out on the balcony or porch and light up your cigar. Deep-frying takes about 10 minutes to prepare and about an hour or so to cook. So don?t waste your time cooking. Spend it watching Football and smoking a cigar with your buddies instead.

4. Gifts? Who doesn?t like gifts?

Whether it?s a bachelor party, dad?s birthday, graduation or any celebration, everybody loves a gift to celebrate the big day. So why not kill two birds with one stone. Find an ashtray that can conveniently be used as your gravy tray during the meal. All you need is a little edge in the bowl to place your cigar, and when its time let the gravy to graze all over the Turkey.?

5. We Need Drinks! I?m On It!

Drinks are always a necessity during Thanksgiving, and being on top of having enough is a major priority, and while your running out to grab the extra sodas, juices and beer, you?ll have a great Thanksgiving moment, getting stuff done while smoking your cigar. Now we?re celebrating!

6. Don?t forget to Set the Table!

Caution: For the Adult table only! Cigar cutters are a must have for any cigar smoker. This year, use your cigar cutters as napkin rings so when you?re ready to light up they are just a reach away after cleaning yourself off your Thanksgiving feast. These will also make for great party favors for your guests!