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Smoke Like a Pro: How to Choose a Cigar

What seems like the simplest aspect of smoking--picking out a cigar--can actually be a little complicated. With so many cigar shapes, sizes, blends, and wrappers, knowing what to look for makes it easier to choose a smoke that suits your tastes. Body The body of a cigar refers to the effects it has on the taste and touch receptors in your nostrils and mouth. Cigar bodies generally range from full, medium, or light--which translates to heavy, mild, or delicate in terms of the impact the cigar will have on your mouth. If you know the cigar body you prefer, you can narrow down the cigar that?s right for you. If you're new to smoking, we suggest starting with something light. A lighter bodied cigar will get you going and prepare you to try something stronger next time! Size When it comes to cigars, size matters. The bigger the cigar, the longer it will last. There are three main sizes: Large cigars, cigarillos, and little cigars. And within those categories fall a variety of different shapes and sizes. If you want a sizeable smoking experience, a big Churchill cigar will do. For a mid-length smoke--say, an hour and a half--go for a medium sized torpedo cigar. For something shorter, choose a robusto. Wrapper Now that you?re familiar with the relationship between size and duration, it?s time to move on to the stuff that fine cigar flavor is made of. Let?s talk wrappers. The most common cigar wrappers include: Cameroon - A rich, savory flavor from Central Africa Maduro - Known for its darker color, the maduro can vary in flavor--from a chocolate-like taste to something more peppery. Overall, this wrapper has stronger, more complex flavor than natural wrappers. Connecticut - One of the only American cigar exports has a woody, spicy taste, with mild flavor and low nicotine levels. Habano - A heavy, spicy flavor that typically packs a lot of nicotine Flavored - Cigar wrappers can be dipped for added flavors. Custom Tobacco?s own flavors include Vanilla Macadamia, Creme Brulee, and Cherry Jubilee. Know what smoke you want now? You can use our web-based platform to easily design your own custom cigar!