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Smoke like a Pro: How to Store Cigars without a Humidor

Storing cigars is essential to preserving their quality. For a cigar to retain its ideal flavor, strength, and body, it should be not too damp, not too dry. That?s because damp cigars are difficult to light, and dry cigars burn too hot. Both of these scenarios will also negatively affect how the tobacco flavor tastes and how easy it is to smoke. Since cigars will dry out in a dryer environment or dampen in a humid one, it?s important to control the temperature and humidity they?re stored in using a humidor. A humidor is a box for storing cigars in the ideal humidity, and they can get pricey. Luckily, we have a solution for cigar smokers looking for a do-it-yourself approach to keeping cigars fresh without a humidor. Homemade Humidor Here?s an easy, affordable way to store cigars if you?re in a pinch. What you?ll need: Plastic food storage bag Sponge or paper towel Distilled water First place your cigars in a plastic storage bag. Ideally, you?re using a quart-sized slider bag. Once you?ve stuffed all your cigars in the bag, it?s time to place a damp paper towel or sponge in the bag and zip it shut. NOTE: You want to make sure to use distilled water on your sponge or paper towel. Tap water can contain minerals that will degrade your cigars, as well as cause mold. Once you?re all zipped up, store your cigars in a closet or shelf where they?ll be out of sunlight, air conditioning, and other factors that can affect the humidity and temperature inside your make-shift humidor. This is a great way to preserve your fine cigars on a budget. And overtime, the oils of your stored cigars will even ?marry? to create a new unique flavor for your to enjoy. Enjoy!