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Smoking Techniques: The Finger Roll

Smoking a cigar successfully can be tricky. There is a lot that can go wrong when it?comes to the process. To greatly improve your smoke, try the finger roll.?Try to employ this every 60 seconds, or every 2 draws depending on which comes?first. The Finger Roll involves rolling the cigar in your fingers. Do not twirl the cigar,?but roll it in-between your thumb and index & middle finger. Make it a slow roll,?letting the edges of the burn spread out evenly.?The basic reasoning behind this is that heat rises. If the same side of the cigar stays?at the top of the cigar, then it goes to reason that this will be the part of the cigar?that burns the hottest, thus leaving the lower part of the cigar burning cooler. The?inconsistent heat can distort the flavor. Here is the trick: the closer you get to the end of the cigar, the more often the?Finger Roll needs to be done. Once you have reached halfway, optimum results are?obtained when you roll the cigars as you inhale.?To truly have a delicious cigar, make sure you order from Custom Tobacco and use?this technique for the optimum experience.