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Summer Destinations with Cigars

Whether you?re the one who?s now on summer break or your children finally are and it?s time to start planning for annual summer family vacation, spice it up this year! Take your Custom Tobacco personalized cigars with you to these beautiful destinations. Try out some foreign ones while you?re at it.
  1. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic?
Ever wanted to vacation like a Kardashian? This is your chance to live big and mimic their 2012 trip. Best known for its secluded islands, waterfalls, and all-inclusive beach resorts, the Dominican Republic will allow your children to take advantage of all the aquatic adventures that await. From snorkeling to kayaking to scuba diving, the opportunities are endless. Meanwhile, check out the nightlife and try some freshly rolled DR cigars at Don Lucas Cigars.
  1. ?Amalfi Coast, Italy
The craggy cliffs of the Amalfi Coast are home to the lemon trees that make limoncello a popular ?drink to try here. But what?s a good drink without having something to wash it down with? Find a hidden grotto, indulge in a Montecristo cigar, and take a swing of limoncello. Take lots of pictures at the colorful fishing villages; your kids will love it.

3. Havana, Cuba

Of course, you can?t mention the word cigars without some sort of mention of Cuba. Cuba is known to have the best cigars; they are world famous! Cuba has been growing tobacco for hundreds of years, and in fact, cigars have been around since the time of King Philip II of Spain. Definitely stop by La Casa del Habano and try a Hoyo de Monterrey, a premium cigar produced on the island. With its rich culture, a trip to Cuba is one that the family will never forget!
  1. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Looking for something more local? Las Vegas proves time and time to be the perfect getaway at times when an extensive vacation is just not plausible. Take your customized cigars to the city that never sleeps, and throw gamblers off their game. Casa Fuente is celebrating its 10th anniversary, so look out for special promotions happening. summer, destination, las vegas, cigars, vacation Maybe a getaway isn?t possible this jam-packed summer. In that case, customize your favorite cigar and put a picture of your dream vacation on the cigar band. It?ll basically be as if you are roaming the colorful streets of Puerto Rico. In all seriousness though, if you have the chance, delve into the world of cigars and surprise yourself, but realize that no cigar can beat your very own personalized Custom Tobacco one.