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Custom Tobaco

The Case for Customization

Custom Tobacco has a wide range of customizable cigars by taste, size, and design. Depending on the cigar you choose, binder, filler, and wrappers are sourced from Nicaragua, Cameron, and the Dominican Republic. For a unique treat, the Briarmont Blend is the closest thing you can have to a Cuban Cigar, as it comes from Cuban tobacco seeds grown in Nicaragua. While our special blends may appeal to aficionados, cigars aren't only for expert smokers. As the tobacco industry posted over $500 billion in revenue in 2012, customizable cigars are the way to go for several industries. As a bar owner, why not make custom?cigars with your logo as a marketing campaign? Event planners can add custom cigar options to their menu to increase the services available to clients. Car dealerships can make their sales memorable by offering a box of cigars for the client. Whether business is steady or declining for you, it is time to do something different to stand out.