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The Three F Words of the Holiday Season & Why You?ll Need a Stogie

Family. Food. (Black) Friday - The three F words that pretty much sum up the holiday season. Okay, maybe we're missing one, but we want to keep it clean here. Let?s face it, you don't need an excuse to smoke cigars, but if you?re looking for one, we?ve got a few to choose from.

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Family. The holidays are a hard time for everyone. Yes, it?s nice to spend time with family, catch up with loved ones you haven't seen in a while -- and explain that you?re still single, but very, very happy -- but with it all, you?ll probably need some time to blow off some steam. Wave goodbye to your family for a short little break and go into your happy place. It?s important to take a deep breath (of smoke) and regroup. And it?s also okay to say no to your uncle when he wants to join you. He can get his own cigar.

Food. It?s pretty much the holy grail of the season. Whether you?re celebrating Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, or I?m-Just-Going-to-Pretend-to-be-Religious-so-I-Could-Eat-Latkes-Jelly-Doughnuts-Ham-And-Eggnog, you?re sure to pack on a few pounds during the holiday season ? or at least fight the demons who are telling you to. Who cares? Don't fret, the weight will come off. Instead, enjoy yourself and enjoy an after meal cigar ? after every meal ? to further indulge. After all, ?tis the season to be jolly!

Black Friday. If you?re doing it, there?s no doubt you?ll need to unwind afterwards. Whether you?re in it for the rush, the deals, or simply because your dad is dragging you there, the day will end in a tired yearning for a cigar. So kick back in front of your new big screen TV and light up!