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Tips for Smoking Cigars

Cleaning the Cigar Cutter: There is a simple way to clean your cigar cutter if it has stainless steel blades. Soak the blades in a cup of hot water until all of the bits of tobacco and gum are soaked off. ? It should take about an hour.? If you have a plastic single-blade guillotine, throw it away and buy another.? There is no use in ruining a Custom Tobacco Cigar when you could simply buy a new $2 cutter. The Finishing Point: Technically you can smoke your Custom Tobacco Cigar as short as it will go.? However, there is a point that will let you know when it is time to stop.? The moisture and oils of the cigar accumulate in the back as you smoke.? It should be after you have smoked at least two thirds of the cigar.? When you reach this point, the flavor will be distorted and bitter.? At that point, you can generally assume it is a good stopping point. How to Finish the Cigar: Cigar etiquette implies that it is rude to stub out a cigar.? This is because of the above-mentioned moisture and oils.? When it is stubbed out, the casing breaks and a somewhat harsh smell is released.? Instead, just let it burn out.? The burning of the moisture and oils doesn?t result in such an issue. cigar smoker, cigars, cigar