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Top 10 Cigar Men From Film & TV

Who doesn?t love a good cigar? Especially a fine cigar from Custom Tobacco, there is absolutely nothing better than lighting up a stogie with a glass of your favorite poison, and sitting back and relaxing. Whether I?m chilling on the deck on a nice summer night, or kicking back with friends at my local cigar club, it feels great to be a manly-man with cigar in hand, or if you?re a former president, in other places. 10. Gomez Addams ? The Addams Family 9. Major Alan ?Dutch? Schaefer ? Predator 8. Starbuck ? Battlestar Galactica 7. Tony Montana ? Scarface 6. John ?Hannibal? Smith ? The A-Team 5. The Man With No Name ? A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, and The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly 4. Cosmo Kramer ? Seinfeld 3. Wolverine ? X-Men 2. Oscar Madison ? The Odd Couple 1. The Devil ? Oh God, You Devil