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Since the beginning of his presidency in 2008, there seemed to be a sliver of hope that Obama might reduce or even end restrictions on trade with Cuba, significantly opening up, after just over a half-century of official embargo, the market for, yes, what seems to be the only thing people care about when they talk about the Cuban trade embargo: cigars. Oh my. cigars, cugar, cuba It seems the first president not to have been born when the trade embargo was enacted may also be the first president to realize that cigars are just too powerful to keep down.? Fifty-three years is a hell of a long time to keep something that good out of America. Until the embargo is released, however, you can get your fix by smoking cigars made from Cuban seeds grown in Nicaragua: a legal and satisfying blend. To test it out, try the Briarmont line from Custom Tobacco. With the wide variety of blends and sizes, you will certainly find your perfect smoke.