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Why Cigars and Golf are a Match Made in Smoker Heaven

Big, small, thick, and thin cigars, you?ll find plenty of them these days in any good golf course.? With summer coming soon, some of the best days on the golf course with your favorite cigar are around the corner. ??Whether you?re celebrating a great birdie, or enjoying a post-round cocktail, a premium cigar and game of golf complement each other nicely. Cigars offer an all-natural way to enjoy the sport.? By bringing customized cigars to the golf course, you ensure you?re going to enjoy the game with a smoke personalized to you and your golf buddies? tastes. Pick the blend, wrapper, and size that you love, and enjoy a day on the golf course. cigars, cugar, cuba Cigar and a golf course are in many ways a perfect marriage of some of life?s great pleasures.? Part of this is due to golf, being an outdoor pastime, being highly conducive to smoking cigars.? You don?t have to worry about offending anyone by lighting up, and you can enjoy the scenery of the golf course.? The golf course is one of the last safe havens for cigar smokers, a place for them to relax and enjoy a good smoke. The whole ambience of smoking a cigar out on the golf course, in a game that?s very social in nature, is more pleasant than many other environments.? You?ve got two or four guys together for hours on end, enjoying cigars, and feeling the camaraderie of it all.? There?s probably nowhere more comfortable to be with friends and enjoy a smoke than on a golf course. In a sport that tends to make some people slightly aggravated, having a cigar is a great relaxing complement.? Take the time to look at the trees, get lost in thought and in the game, and take a long draw on a good cigar.? Cigars can help you not get paralyzed by swing thoughts and mechanical enigmas, and instead get in touch with the contemplative, relaxing side of the game. Whether you go for the sport or to spend time with your friends, a good, custom cigar adds the perfect touch to a memorable golf day.