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Why Every Woman Needs to Smoke a Cigar on Her Wedding Day

You?re a rule breaker. You don't go by the book; no one can tell you what to do. You?re unconventional and you like it that way.

Think about your wedding day. Whether it already happened or it?s something that is going to take place so far into the future that it doesn't even feel like it is ever really going to take place, the concept of ?your wedding day? still exists. You?ve spent time trying to balance out the ?you? ? that unconventional, rebellious you ? with that unrecognizable princess that society calls a bride.

Well society also says that your wedding day is your day, so make it just that. Laugh in the faces of those who wrote the rulebook and make up your own rules. You got that emerald engagement ring instead of the diamond, right? And who says your dress has to be white?

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Now, as long as you?re going to walk down the aisle in that little black and red number you?ve been saving to shock all of your family and friends, why not play with gender roles as well? Who said smoking cigars on your wedding day is a man?s task? In fact, who said smoking cigars in general is only for men? (Well, technically no one did, but that?s a different story.) So go on, break another artificial rule and smoke a cigar on your wedding day. Get a cool personalized cigar band to match your personal style and light up!