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About Us

Custom Tobacco offers customers a one-of-a-kind platform to design personalized cigars, customized to the exact style, size, taste and presentation to each individual's choosing. Our service caters to cigar aficionados and novelty shoppers alike, delivering a fun and engaging online experience and a product that offers a wide variety of applications, from branding to gifting to, of course, smoking. After all, if not for the quality of our cigar blends, we would be unable to enjoy sustainable success.

We provide three different options to allow customers to easily and enjoyable design their cigar bands: Option #1: Upload your own design; Option #2: Choose from a selection of premade designs and then customize the colors, text and graphics by editing the design; Option #3: Design your own cigar band from scratch using our proprietary customization tool.

Regardless of your path toward designing a personalized band, your emblem will reflect your unique flare, as will your finished product: you can select the shape, size and type of cigar that best suits your palate. Each of our cigars are professionally hand-rolled and pass through several stages of quality assurance to ensure the utmost enjoyment upon consumption. We offer premium blends from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic and a selection of wrappers, fillers and sizes guaranteed to satisfy even the most particular of cigar connoisseurs.

Personalized cigars from Custom Tobacco offer a unique opportunity to celebrate a big event, show appreciation for a friend, market your company, promote your personal brand or simply enjoy.