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Real Cigars

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Variety Pack
A premium selection of classic cigars perfect for anyone from a new smoker looking to dip into a ..
Briarmont Classic
Made from the finest Dominican tobacco on the market and wrapped in a premium Connecticut wrapper..
Briarmont Maduro
Designed for the true connoisseur, the Briarmont Maduro is an extremely rich and complex smoke th..
Briarmont Double
By combining the smoothness of the Briarmont Classic's Connecticut Wrapper with the rich and robu..
Briarmont Reserve
Described by many as "the best Cuban cigar not to be made in Cuba," the Briarmont Reserve packs a..
Briarmont Limited
The Shade-Grown Limited features four and five year old Dominican tobacco. The Shade-Grown Leaves..
Briarmont Especial
Featuring a complex blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican cigars, this Cuban-style cigar is wrapped i..